Marathon Bridge

The St. Ignatius Marathon Bridge Club began in the 1960's initially as a branch of the C.W.L.

Our mandate is twofold:

1.  To raise funds for a special project at St. Ignatius (ie, help renovate the kitchen, replace bridge tables, etc.)

2.  Most importantly to keep in touch with each other a build community

We meet as a group in October in the Loyola Lounge.  At that time we pay our dues, pick up our schedules and play our first scheduled game.  Thereafter we meet with each other once a month in someones home.  In June we get together for the closing finale, again in Loyola Lounge, and after playing our last game, the winners are declared.

We are delighted to say that this year we have two male members of our parish join the group so we are no longer a 'women' only group.  New members are most welcome but we need to hear from you by August of each year.  You can join individually or as a team.