Development & peace

Development and Peace Facts and Figures -

- was established in 1967 by Canada's Catholic bishops, laity, clergy and religious to find solutions to the causes of poverty and injustice.  It serves as the international development arm of the Canadian Catholic Church.

- is supported by annual parish collections, individual donations and government grants -principally from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).  Government grants usually match the funds collected dollar for dollar.

- is supervisedy by a 21 member National Council composed of volunteers and two respresentatives of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

- usually does not employ staff outside Canada.  The funds sent abroad support grassroots groups run by people who are leaders in their own communities.

- works closely with an international network of Catholic development agencies.


We are people from St. Ignatius Parish interested in achieving the dual objectives of Development and Peace:

1.  To provide us all with a better understanding of the structures of the global economy.

2.  To support more equitable and sustainable alternatives.

We co-ordinate the national Development and Peace Programs at the parish level and have delegates participate at the diocesan level.

We initiate prayer and spiritual experiences in solidarity with the poor such as "ThinkFast", the Way of the Cross during Lent, Solidarity Sunday (the fifth Sunday in Lent).  We plan the Fall Action Campaign, workshops and special information meetings.  We organize the Share Lent promotion with the Fundraising.