Community Health & Well Being

As many changes in health care started taking place and more emphasis was being placed on "Holistic Health Care" a committee was struck from the River Heights Ministerial Association in 1996.  Our goal is to communicate information and provide insight especially for those over fifty five years of age on how to stay healthy in body, mind and spirit.

At its first meeting the committee considered several possibilities on how their faith communities could get more involved in the spiritual, mental and physical health of their members.  The participating communities are Christ Church Anglican, Harrow United, Temple Shalom, St. Peter's Anglican, Bethel Mennonite, St. Mark's Lutheran and St. Ignatius.  The committee has further evolved with some involvement by Family Life Education Support and Wellness Centre, South Winnipeg Seniors Resource Centre, Rady J. C. C. Asper Centre and Stay Young Centre.

Temple Shalom offers its meeting facility free of charge and faith communities provide refreshments and recommend topics and presenters for the monthly meetings.

The social component: people from different communities get acquainted with each other through sharing and conversation.

Meetings always take place on the first Wednesday of the month at 1:30p at Temple Shalom.  Entrance is free and open to all who are interested to learn and share.