Christmas Lite

Since 1994, LITE (Local Investment Toward Employment) has collected donations from Winnipegers who are concerned about the lack of jobs and opportunity in some neighbourhoods.  A healthy economy is needed to create jobs and reduce dependence on outside assistance.  When money is circulated in the community, everyone benefits.

During the Christmas season, LITE collects donations to purchase hamper supplies from community based enterprises in the inner city and delivers the supplies to the Christmas Cheer Board for distribution.  However, LITE provides more than hampers; we provide hope.  Money donated to LITE is also used all year - to support inner-city community economic development projects that provide employment to inner-city residents. 

With ongoing support, LITE partners will continue to expand and promote dignity, economic self-help and greater community self-reliance.

It's simple really.  The more we raise, the more we spend, the greater number of people from the inner city gain employment and achieve self-sufficiency.  And what better gift could there be than a job?

Give a family a hamper at Christmas and you feed them for a few days.  Contribute to the development of their community and you give them the tools they need to feed themselves for a lifetime.

Volunteers are welcome to participate in the distribution of information and coordination of the fundraising.  If interested please phone Andre at 489-7269.