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"Lord teach us to pray"

Introduction to Spiritual Exercises

This intorductory Retreat is a stand along retreat programme.

But for those who might be interested in making the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in Daily Life retreat, the "Lord Teach Us to Pray" retreat programme also fulfills the neccessary pre-requisite for the Spiritual Exercises retreat.

Learning to Pray in the tradition of St. Ignatius Loyola.

An introduction to the Jesuit Prayer Tradition.

Format: Retreat in Daily Life

What is a "Retreat"?

A "Retreat" in the Jesuit Tradition is quite different from what is often called "a parish mission", where one listens to a series of sermons over the course of a day or several evenings.

In the Jesuit Tradition, a Retreat is a time of prayer, without sermons or preaching. Instead the focus is on God as experienced in one's personal prayer. The participant is assisted to learn to listen to the "voice" of God speaking to them in their "heart".

The retreatant (with the help of their Retreat Director) learns to discern God's presence and will in their life.

The Prayer Tradition taught by St. Ignatius of Loyola

During the course of this retreat, participants will learn the fundamentals of the various methods of praying extant in the Jesuit Tradition.


Prayer is not just speaking to God. We can also listen to God and learn to hear God. In the Jesuit form of Meditation, we use our mind and heart to listen to God and to dialogue with God.


In this method of prayer we use our God-given imagination and psyche to come close to and unite ourselves with God.

The Consciousness Examen:

This is a very short prayer method exquisitely design for busy lay people. Practiced daily it can assist us to find the presence, action, voice, and will of God in our daily lives through all its ups and downs and even in the midst of all its busyness.

Receiving Spiritual Direction:

Each person making the retreat is given a personal Retreat Director. The Retreat Director helps to guide the person in making the retreat. The Retreat Director listens to what was experienced during the prayer of the person on retreat. Spiritual Direction is one form by which the person on retreat discerns God's Will and Voice.

An introduction to the Jesuit Prayer Tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Six weeks during May and June: Exact dates to be announced

There is no fee involved


1 Retreat Day Commitment:

One Saturday in May (9 am - 5 pm)

Weekly Commitments:

Each week one evening lecture Session: including opportunity for questions, discussion, sharing, and fellowship.

A weekly meeting with your Retreat Director.

Daily Prayer Commitments:

Each day 2 prayer periods (a main prayer period and a very short one) altogether adding up to about 1 hour (don't worry, you will find that the hour is a lot shorter than it first seems to sound).

Contact: for further information
Valerie at 453-9243 or at: